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Not just photos! Fine Art conversations for every wall, in every room.
Imagination gone feral!
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Which camera takes the best photos?

This has to be the most FAQ in my tenure as a sales rep in a camera shop.

Shopping for cameras can be a daunting experience. The variety of selections can be pared down by asking a few basic questions. The following questions top the list in the camera shop, not specifically in order, nonetheless, they should be answered before choosing the camera you plan on capturing the beauty you see all around you, wherever you go.

Will you be traveling with the camera? Where will you be traveling? The answer(s) to these questions will reveal how much optical ZOOM and DURABILITY you need in the camera envisioned in your mind.

How intuitive are the controls? The basic controls should be simple enough to access flash control, Sensor sensitivity or ISO (International Standardization Organization) setting, image preview or shutter speed control.

Is the lens a BRIGHT LENS (low f stop i.e. f:3.0 down to f:1.2 for some models)? This is important for indoor, low light or Macro photography.
What price range is comfortable? Price will dictate capture ability, features and your specific use. Many manufacturers offer rebate incentives.
A common question is, "What camera takes the best pictures?" My answer is always, "The one you learn to use!"

Many shutterbugs seek a camera like the one that just retired. "It took great pictures" is a common expression of a camera that served well for years. The truth is, it is all about the operator of the camera understanding the limits of the machine's photography that achieves great results. The new digital cameras take the guesswork out of photography for the novice and at the same time offer tremendous capture ability for experienced shutterbugs when the camera's limits are understood.

Is the instruction manual confusing? Not to worry! With today's internet information accessibility you can find video instruction for nearly every device imaginable. Need instruction for a camera you recently purchase? Simply type "video instruction" for the make and model of your camera into the search window of your computer. Then practice what you learn.

Composition; the First Rule

The camera shop manager spelled out the golden rule of photography that became the compass steering my photography in the right direction is composition, composition, composition. I have yet to reach perfection; but each nugget of photographic wisdom has kept me pointed in the direction of perfection.

Does your composition fill the frame? Is it balanced? Does it tell a story?

Great composition requires an artist's eye regardless of the camera used. You can produce a crisp clean photo that doesn't keep the viewer motivated to come back for another look. Crisp clear photos can still be ho-hum!

Composition tells the story. "A picture is worth a thousand words" applied to photography defines the essence of composition as your composition conveys the obvious message.

Opportunity and Hesitation

Some of these photo opportunities you see in my gallery were gone in 5 minutes. Others took 15 minutes to drive to before they were gone in 5 minutes.

Being in the right place at the right time is crucial to outdoor photography. Whereas, indoor photography can manufacture opportunities with great lighting and props. Still, hesitation will make the difference. If you miss an opportunity, don't fret, there will be infinitely more. They that hesitate will miss the opportunities.

Frequently making use of your photo device increases the opportunity for memorable captures. Getting up before sunrise. Going where no one has gone before. Venturing outside your comfort zone. No hesitation will capture awesome compositions.

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Spring Playground by Richard Thomas


Double Rainbow Panorama by Richard Thomas


Winter Storm Panorama by Richard Thomas


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Two Creeks Merge by Richard Thomas


Flooded Laguna de Santa Rosa by Richard Thomas


Urban Art by Richard Thomas


Arch Rock Bible Inspiration by Richard Thomas


Real Sidewalk Art by Richard Thomas


Natural Sidewalk Art by Richard Thomas


Autumn Leaves Blue Sky by Richard Thomas


Flowering Magnolia in February by Richard Thomas


Nature's Sculpting Tool by Richard Thomas


Autumn Birch by Richard Thomas


Golden Inspiration by Richard Thomas


Autumn Kissing Sidewalk by Richard Thomas


Linlithgow Palace Dining Hall by Richard Thomas


Spring Lake Sunset by Richard Thomas


A Bridge to Cross by Richard Thomas


Flood Receding Panorama by Richard Thomas


Apple Blossoms White by Richard Thomas


Hot Tub Cat by Richard Thomas


Fence Lemon by Richard Thomas


Apple Blossoms by Richard Thomas


Lemon Fence by Richard Thomas


White Apple Blossoms by Richard Thomas


Yellow Fence Lemon by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Sundial Bridge Upstream by Richard Thomas


Olympia Harbor by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue White Pink by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Lassen Summer Vacation by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Pink Blossoms Blue Sky by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Blue Pink White by Richard Thomas


Apple Blossoms White by Richard Thomas